Mathson Design Co. (Mathson Design, LLC) is a Missoula, MT based full-service web and product studio. Focusing on consulting and contracting for a variety of clients, helping with web development, SEO, content strategy, growth, digital marketing, media, auditing, training and more. MDC also owns/operates its own products...


Senior Growth Marketing & SEO Manager @ Amplitude

2023 — Distributed, remote work

Formed Amplitude's SEO and organic acquisition programs. Led technical initiatives (site-wide Schema markup, /sitemap.xml and /robots.txt migration, etc.) and non-technical content strategy development. Brought on multiple vendors and tools to increase content output aligned with the focused keyword strategy developed. As well as ideated and launched a 20,000 word (25 page) glossary (page 1 organic search results within weeks), 20+ page long-form content hub, and countless SEO blog posts.


Head of Content Marketing @ Algolia

2021 - 2022 — Distributed, remote work

Overseeing this organization’s global content programs, team, and vendors. Initially reporting into and closely partnering with CMO, my team focused on raising brand awareness through thought leadership content, as well as driving new user growth via top of funnel SEO content programs and developer-centric programs.


Senior Web & Content Strategy Manager @ Netlify

2019 - 2021 — Distributed, remote work

Netlify offers developer-centric hosting, CDN, and serverless backend service for web applications and static websites. I led web and content programs - growing awareness, authority, and driving signups through strategies that showcase their product and know-how in the ecosystem. I owned SEO, experimentation, and overall visitor growth - A/B and CRO testing, monitoring, directories, and other functions related to top of funnel growth...


Senior Web Strategy & SEO Manager @ Auth0

2018 - 2019 — Distributed, remote work

Auth0 provides a universal authentication platform. My role as Senior Web Strategy & Global SEO Manager evolved over my time there, with my reporting directly to the VP of Marketing as a critical member of the Growth, GTM, and broader Marketing Team for the latter part of my time with them. I ensured that the tens of thousands of pages that tell the brand's story, provide technical documentation, showcase the product's features, and...

SEO Manager - Global Growth @ Auth0


Web Experience Lead & Manager for onXmaps, an outdoor public lands mapping app startup. Projects include: product and brand marketing campaigns, website optimization, performance marketing, media buys, brand redesign and multi-site migration, website design and front-end development, and generally overseeing a variety of web, email, and eCommerce projects. I led development, iteration, and testing of all onX marketing emails as well as worked with product and support teams on transactional emails, onboarding flows...

Pete Sveen is a content creator and releases under the name DIY Pete. A true Passion Economy success story providing in-depth video tutorials, blog articles, project plans, and so much more for DIYers (do-it-yourselfers). Think Entrepreneurship, the parent company, ran a niche eCommerce store, multiple blogs, a podcast, and hosted events for entrepreneurs...

Data Entry Specialist @ National Wildlife Federation

2012 - 2013 — Missoula, MT

Founder, Audio Engineer, Producer @ Scott Mathson Productions

2008 - 2013 — Montana + Remote

Various Retail, Sales, and Customer Service jobs

2009 - 2013 — Montana

A few projects designed, developed, and maintained by myself:

Plink makes smart podcast links that detects user-agents and send listeners to the right place for their device. Trusted and used by customers like CBS Sports, Bloomberg, SAP, Kinda Funny, and thousands of other podcasters, networks, and media companies. Plink processes over 8.4M monthly requests.

Makerviews - interviews and advice from a variety of makers and creative individuals.

Simpol Theme - An open source Jekyll website theme.

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