Web, Marketing, & Media Specialist at Bretz RV

Web Design + Development • Marketing • Strategizing • Editing • Producing

Strategic, SEO, Web Guy, Marketer: Scott Mathson


  • Led multiple, successful strategic SEO, analytics, and website optimization projects.

  • Designed and developed multiple campaign-specific landing pages for monthly marketing campaigns. Designed, developed, and authored content for a few websites for Bretz sister companies, subsidiaries, and organizations.

  • Thorough, technical and SEO audits, followed by my lead of optimization of many webpages, articles, and architecture throughout these sites.

  • Media producer and editor - photo and video content, digital and traditional ads, 40-page marketing campaign magazine, and more.

  • Content writer and editor for website meta content, email newsletters, blog articles, webpages, social media, and more.