SEO Manager - Web Development, Content Marketing, Growth at Auth0

Websites Optimizations, Front-end Development, Internationalization • Content Marketing • A/B Testing • Project Managment • Copywriting & Editing

Technical, Brand, & Content Marketer, Optimizer, Growth: Scott Mathson


Site-wide (and additional microsites) technical SEO, performance, content marketing, review/editing, and publishing, auditing and monitoring/reporting, keyword research, translations, semantic and enhanced markup/schemas, usability, and collaborative project management.

Primarily focused on:

  • Content and Content Marketing

  • Growth/optimizations in-search and on-site/on-page, analytics

  • Experimentation, testing, and optimization

  • Developing, planning, and implementing strategies

  • Documentation, procedural development, and presenting

  • Site health, auditing/monitoring and resolving errors in markup and otherwise

  • Increasing CTRs (click-through rates) and new visitors/product signups

  • Structured data, markup enhancements, and web development

  • Accessibility, semantic markup, and architecture

  • Segmented market, sector, and vertical targeting

  • Internationalization (international SEO and translations/country targeting)

  • Redirects, migrations, sitemaps, domains, and growth development

Auth0 provides an IDaaS universal authentication platform for web, mobile, and legacy applications. Platform features include single sign-on, social login, multi-factor auth, m2m, and more. Loved by developers and trusted by thousands of enterprises in more than 70 countries. Clientele includes organizations like Mozilla, Atlassian, VMware, AMD, Optimizely, and many more.