Senior Web Strategy & Global SEO Manager at Auth0

Website and Channel Optimization, Front-end Development, Internationalization • Content Marketing • A/B Testing • Strategy • Growth • Analyzing & Reporting

Technical SEO, Content Marketer, Optimizer, Growth: Scott Mathson

Auth0 web properties and micro-sites have quite the large footprint and volume of webpages in production. While on the team, I ensured that the tens of thousands of pages that tell the brand's story, provide technical documentation, showcase the product's features, and shared their customer's insights on the product were fully-optimized and reached as many of their intended visitors time and again.

My role as Senior Web Strategy & Global SEO Manager evolved over my time there, with my reporting directly to the VP of Marketing as a critical member of the Growth, GTM, and broader Marketing Team for the latter part of my time with Auth0. My work and collaboration across teams spanned multiple websites, directories, projects, campaigns, and initiatives.

I most enjoyed leading various organic acquisition campaigns, split testing, and new launches, as well as optimizing for other channels and exploring new channels. Of utmost importance: creating digital experiences that positively impacted both the millions of unique, monthly website visitors and Auth0's growth, expansion, and revenue goals.


  • Led evergreen content and globalization initiatives site-wide, as well as campaigns across various external channels. Breadth and depth here - from product launches and go-to-market strategy, to redesigns, to catalog/directory optimizations, to eBook, webinar, video, and resource content production, and far beyond.

  • Experimentation and A/B testing throughout the Auth0 website.

  • Wrote, presented, and maintained process and procedural documentation for Marketing Dept.

  • Increased CTRs (click-through rates) on multiple channels like Google's Discover and other organic channels, as well as drove strong top of funnel growth, bringing in highly-qualified visitors and more signups.

  • Planned and launched marketing campaigns aimed towards specific segments, markets, and sectors.

  • Built growth cycles of automation to syndicate new content to various channels, with canonicalization.

  • Focused on web markup optimizations, developed/tested/validated technical SEO and structured data at scale, metadata enhancements, accessibility, and general front-end web development.

  • Performed regular website health/performance audits, monitored and worked out resolutions for errors.

  • Ongoing internationalization and webpage translations efforts, focusing on EMEA and APAC regional growth.

  • Managed agency and contractor relationships (like, and accompanying budgets and projects.

  • A major focus being on content marketing efforts - editing, refreshing, and reviewing content.

My background and experience in web development, alongside my desire to continue learning new programming languages, came into play on a daily basis and I was writing, reviewing, and shipping code across multiple domains.

There was a large focus on the globalization of Auth0 during my time there, as they expanded into new countries, new regions. This was a really exciting initiative. In the way of their website, this brought up technical, international SEO projects and I ensured we were marking-up translated webpages correctly (see or (as well as a variety of blog posts, case studies, and press releases)), alongside sitemap optimizations, sending signals to search engines in various ways, and managing properties and sitemaps within search engine's provided domain and web property webmaster management tools.

Google’s Discover (previously Feed) was becoming a "thing", a new channel, while I was at Auth0 and it proved to be an effective channel for us too. I focused on experimentation and A/B testing of titles, descriptions, and more on a regular basis with the goal of increasing click-through rates (CTR) to our content, and this focus extended into every channel, from search to social. We got their main site to a fairly high ~8% consistent monthly average CTR within Discover, alone. It’s no secret that as search engines evolve, getting folks to actually visit your site is becoming more and more challenging. Always be optimizing, as well as focusing on getting rich results via markup.

Again, as with my experimentation across other areas of their site and on channels off-site, I recognized opportunities and hypothesized outcomes for a variety of tests and experiments that we shipped to catalogs. A very popular directory, "AuthCatalog" (, consisted on 6,000+ programmatically generated landing pages and I enjoyed experimenting and worked with Engineering to build in-house tooling for title A/B SEO split testing across portions of pages on that subdirectory. Always be experimenting!

If you're interested, you can read about some other specific strategies that I shared in an interview, below.

Interview with Auth0's Senior Web Strategy & SEO Manager Scott Mathson

Scott Mathson SEO at Auth0 interview blog screenshot

From 200K to 4.4M backlinks in 2 years - this interview of mine originally appeared in VP of SEO & Content at G2, Kevin Indig's, Tech Bound marketing newsletter on July 24th, 2019.

In this, I dive into some of the strategies for organic growth that I've been focusing on at Auth0. This interview covers content marketing, SEO, and web development/optimization in general, and strategies for achieving consistent organic growth across our domains. Alongside information about the link building, experimentation, globalization/translation of our site, and more.

Auth0 has more than 4.4 million backlinks, 4.4M votes of confidence. 4.4M writing about, referencing and recommending our work and product.

Earn authority through an authentic and honest strategy. Have patience, be strategic, and remember that awareness and authority cannot be bought.

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