Senior Web Strategy Manager @ Netlify

2019 - Present — Remote work

Netlify provides everything that developers need to build fast, modern websites: continuous deployment, serverless functions, and much more for modern static websites and apps. We want the web to win.


Auth0 provides a universal authentication platform. My role as Sr. Web Strategy & SEO Manager spans multiple websites, projects, campaigns, and departments. I ensure that the thousands of pages that tell the brand's story, present technical content, and share our...

SEO Manager - Global Growth @ Auth0

Web Designer, Developer, & Project Manager @ onX

2016 - 2018 — Missoula, MT + Remote

Montana-based outdoor mapping tech startup, onX (previously onXmaps) - an outdoor mapping web- and mobile-based application for hunting, fishing, hiking, and other activities. onX is one of Montana's most successful tech startups...

Pete Sveen is a content creator and releases under the name DIY Pete. From in-depth video tutorials, blog articles, project plans, and so much more for DIY'ers. Think Entrepreneurship, the parent company, runs a niche website, podcast, and hosts events for entrepreneurs...

MDC is a Missoula, MT based full-service web and product studio. Focusing on web development, SEO, strategy, growth, digital marketing, & media production...

A few projects designed, developed, and maintained by myself:

Plink makes smart podcast links that detects user-agents and send listeners to the right place for their device. Trusted and used by customers like CBS Sports, Bloomberg, SAP, UNICEF, and thousands of other podcasters, networks, and media companies. Plink processes over 4.0M monthly requests.

Makerviews - interviews and advice from a variety of makers and creative individuals.

Simpol Theme - An open source Jekyll website theme.

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