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Hey, I'm Scott Mathson. I'm a Maker into Content, Web Strategy, SEO, Growth Marketing, Web Development, & Entrepreneurship.

I've been creating, marketing, and growing brands, their products, and teams for the past decade-plus. I've worked on large-scale enterprise software products, mobile apps, eCommerce brands, and with small and local businesses, alike. Breadth and depth in a variety of areas in SaaS.

My wife and I happily call western Montana home where I work from remotely. This is my personal site and blog, a collection of articles, personal musings, and digital journaling, alongside my portfolio of work.

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Simpol Theme is a minimal, clean website theme made for Jekyll + Github Pages. Beyond the physically-represented inspirations, I feel that Simpol’s simplicity and minimal design evoke a sense of calm, of organization, and of clarity. I’m constantly inspired, not only by “things”, but more importantly by feelings and emotions.

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Featured in

Amazon's Alexa Internet ranking logo from Blog featuring Scott Mathson

Oct. 2019Alexa Internet featured my insights in regards to UX and external, outbound links in content in an article on the Alexa Blog. By Director of Marketing Kim Kosaka.

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HubSpot logo from Blog featuring Scott Mathson

Sept. 2019HubSpot interviewed and featured my advice in regards to content syndication and SEO in an article published on their Blog, written by Senior Content Strategist Irina Nica.

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We Work Remotely day in the life interview with Scott Mathson

Sept. 2019We Work Remotely interviewed and featured me in their remote worker interview blog series. Series highlights remote worker's schedules, office setups, tips and advice, and more.

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Growing Auth0's SEO and backlinks - interview featuring Scott Mathson

July 2019 — VP of SEO & Content at G2, Kevin Indig, published an interview featuring some of the strategies for organic growth that I've been focusing on at Auth0. Interview covers content marketing, SEO, and web development in general, alongside link building, globalization of auth0.com, and more. Read on Auth0's Blog or in Kevin's Tech Bound newsletter.

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Working on

Currently - Head of Content Marketing at Algolia a search, discovery, and personalization platform and SaaS. Founder and Advisor at Mathson Design Co. a full-service web and product studio, and holding company.

Formerly - Senior Web & Content Strategy Manager at Netlify. Senior Web Strategy & SEO Manager at Auth0. Web Experience - Design & Development at onXmaps. Web, Marketing, Media Manager at Think Entrepreneurship, LLC, and more.

Jimmy Daly, CEO @ Superpath (formerly @ Animalz)
"Scott is the person to talk to about all things technical marketing. He's an exceptional marketer, a developer, and an entrepreneur. I lean on his advice anytime I come across technical challenges in my own marketing work. I'm very grateful to have gotten to know him over the last year few years." — Jimmy Daly, CEO @ Superpath (formerly VP, Growth @ Animalz) - from LinkedIn
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I'm the solo founder and chief everything-er of Plink. Plink makes smart podcast links that deep link listeners to the right podcast apps/landing pages for their device. Trusted and used by customers like CBS Sports, Bloomberg, Channel 4, McKinsey & Co., SAP, Kinda Funny, and thousands of other podcasters, networks, and media companies.

Plink is processing 8.2M monthly requests (as of 05/2021).

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Love where you live

Holland Lake, MT | Photo by: Scott Mathson

Holland Lake, MT — June 2017

Articles, musings, and digital journaling. Read

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