What I'm Doing Right Now

  1. Working as Web Guy—Optimizer, designer, & developer for MT-based, mapping tech startup, onXmaps.
  2. Planning a Wedding with my fiancé! ♥
  3. Running my small business Mathson Design Co., on the side.
  4. Leading a more active, interesting life. Loosening up, traveling more, exploring, and making memories with my fiancé and friends.
  5. Excerising more, specifically: Yoga.
  6. Letting go of anxiety, of fears, and of bad habits - meditating & mindfulness practice.
  7. Always making things, even though Whiskey Wood Creations is currently on hold, I'm always creating something - I'm a Maker!
  8. Standing more at work, was starting to sit way too much.
  9. Currently reading Stephen King's Dark Tower series.

Last update to this page: Apr. 22, 2017

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