What I'm Doing Right Now

Current update, now. On 04/29/2019:

  1. Enjoying home-ownership, yard work, tidying (KonMarie), and int'l and domestic travel with my wife.
  2. Working remotely for Auth0 as SEO Manager on Content Marketing team - growing, optimizing, and developing the various web properties 🤘
  3. Keeping Makerviews going - sharing stories of craftspeople - a wide variety of talented makers - through articles on-site and the podcast.
  4. Recently launched and am now shipping new features to Plink, a podcast smart linking service.
  5. Constantly learning and growing as a developer - covering full-stack dev duties more.
  6. Still no Facebook App - since Oct. 2017 - Nick Offerman inspired it.
  7. Making things, as the weather gets nicer, more and more projects crop up and I'm finding myself working outside more.
  8. Wanting/striving to exercise more and just be more active, in general.
  9. Using standing desk during work 90+% of the time now.

Previous updates to this page were on Jul. 03, 2018, Mar. 15, 2018, Apr. 22, 2017, Dec. 12, 2017.

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