Atom Syntax Theme: Crispy Realization

I designed a syntax theme for Atom text editor.

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• By Scott Mathson

Free, open source, and available on

Crispy Realization Syntax Theme - get it on

Source code on GitHub ☆

The goal: for it to be easy on the eyes, while showcasing what’s important. For those of us that spend countless hours in Atom, let’s ensure we’re not causing extra eye strain.

The vibrancy of the color scheme has been chosen to make those id’s, classes, variables, etc. stand out effectively, while ensuring you don’t have to strain to parse through code.

Crisp, vibrant colors, balanced by dark a background and gutter.

Compatible with/built in Atom 1.14.4

Colors Used - hex codes, without the #222 bg-color

This pink (#ff99ff) color.

This orange (#ff9922) color.

This blue (#66ccff) color.

This green (#99cc66) color.

This red (#ff7777) color.

This grey (#cdcdcd) color.

And for the text editor’s background-color: #222222 and other colors as well.

Here’s a photo of CSS file, with this Atom syntax theme activated:

Crispy Realization Atom Syntax Theme screenshot

And a CoffeeScript file, with this syntax theme:

Screenshots of the theme Font used in screenshots: Fira Mono

Kinda easy on the 👀 in my opinion.

Yes, the name is a Bon Iver reference

Other ways to reduce eye strain and sleep sounder: (no association, just a fan).

Hope you check out Atom if you haven’t already and activate this syntax theme. Cheers!

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