SEO Manager @ Auth0

2018 - Present — Remote work

SEO Manager - Web Development, Content Marketing, Growth at Auth0. Focused on technical SEO, content marketing, reviewing, editing, a/b testing, auditing, web performance, reporting, Internationalization/translating, markup/schema, a11y, and more...

SEO Specialist @ Auth0

2018 - Dec. 2018 — Remote work

Auth0 provides a universal authentication platform for web, mobile, and legacy applications. Platform features include single sign-on, social login, multi-factor auth, m2m, and more...

Web Designer, Developer, & Marketer @ onX

2016 - 2018 — Missoula, MT + Remote

Montana-based outdoor mapping tech startup, onX (previously onXmaps) - an outdoor mapping web- and mobile-based application for hunting, fishing, hiking, and other activities. onX is one of Montana's most successful tech startups...

Pete Sveen is a content creator and releases under the name DIY Pete. From in-depth video tutorials, blog articles, project plans, and so much more for DIY'ers. Think Entrepreneurship, the parent company, runs a niche website, podcast, and hosts events for entrepreneurs...

MDC is a Missoula, MT based full-service, creative studio. Focusing on web design & development, SEO, strategy, branding, digital marketing, & media production...

A few side projects designed, developed, and maintained by myself:

Makerviews - interviews and advice from a variety of makers.

Plink - podcast smart link service. Detects user-agents, deep links to apps.

Simpol Theme - An open source Jekyll website theme.

Case-study, static prototype redesign of Yelp.