Web designer, developer, & optimizer at onX

Website Optimization, Design + Development • Strategizing • Project Managing • Editing • Marketing

Original, Creative, Maker, Coder: Scott Mathson

OH snap! We recently released a brand-new website, new products, and overall visual and technical re-development.

Check out the new onX website.


  • Web designer, developer, & optimizer for onX (onXmaps) - multiple web properties. Projects: SEO, new product marketing campaigns, ongoing and targeted marketing campaigns, maintenance, strategizing and creating landing pages, blog articles, emails, and worked on major redesign.

  • Ensuring search engine optimization guidelines and best practices happen continually and throughout. I'm passionate about working out processes and workflows, alongside writing knowledge base items that new hires or current teammates can reference. Working on multiple, strategic search optimization projects - planning, collaborating, and managing marketing's side of the project herein.

  • Team player – working hand-in-hand with back-end developers and software engineers, department directors, product managers, graphic designers, strategists, and more.

  • Led website status meetings and stand-ups with team members working on web-related projects. Present, report on, and defend project designs and milestone deliverables.

  • Continually defining and optimizing current workflows and systems for the website and other properties worked on/managed.

Large, milestone projects

Launch of onX Hunt (product launch, Q3 2017*)

Launch of new website for onXmaps (product launch, Q3 2017*)

*Both projects a culmination of a huge amount of company-wide work done over Q4 of '16 and Q1, 2, and 3 of '17.

Launch of HUNT Elite Membership (product launch, Q3 2016)

Launch of HUNT Web App (product launch, Q3 2016)

Launch of ROAM Product (product launch, Q2 2016)

The previous, legacy version of the onXmaps (Hunting GPS Maps) website that I started working on when joining the team in early 2016 was a custom Magento instance. The previous web developer and I collaboratively maintained this website, coding all articles and landing pages, creating one-off templates, burning the midnight oil putting the site into maintenance mode and launching new commerce products, performing system updates, etc.

During our company's major rebrand and redesign, we audited the legacy site's content, transitioning what was decided will stay onto our new Craft CMS instance. We currently manage our site within the marketing team with multiple users iterating on pages, quicker. A supporting software engineer and myself Admin this new site.

Main technologies/tools

  • Atom text editor <3
  • Craft CMS, Zendesk, and more - previously working on a Magento instance
  • Atlassian Suite - Confluence, JIRA, and other PM tools
  • Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Tag Manager, SEMrush, and more
  • MailChimp, Amplitude, Kochava, and Leanplum
  • Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, MarvelApp, InVision, and more

Marketing email campaigns

  • Marketing Team go-to email guru.
  • Hand-coding all marketing emails and collaborating on transactional emails.
  • Collaborating, writing, and editing text content/subject lines/paragraphs, defining calls to action, A/B testing, segmentation, designing layout, graphic assets, and the overall feel.
  • Enterprise-level decision making and email marketing efforts, list management, automizing, strategy, and campaign sends to hundreds of thousands of subscribers with a proven ability to effectively convert them into paid members.

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