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Welcome to my site.

Scott Mathson, Maker

Hey! My name's Scott Mathson, I'm a maker. A web guy. SEO Optimizer. Web Designer & Developer. Doer. Entrepreneur.

I've been working in the digital/tech industry for quite a few years now, focusing on optimizing, designing, developing, managing, and marketing projects on the web.

My wife and I happily call western Montana home with our three pets furry children. This is my personal website and blog, a collection of personal musings, guitar riffs, and my digital journaling.

I own/operate a small, creative & development studio, among other side projects.

  • Driven by results — Guided by data
  • Attention to detail — Details matter
  • Ethical, thoughtful design — Human-first approach

From the blog

Simpol Theme is a minimal, clean website theme made for Jekyll + Github Pages. Beyond the physically-represented inspirations, I feel that Simpol’s simplicity and minimal design evoke a sense of calm, of organization, and of clarity. I’m constantly inspired, not only by “things”, but more importantly by feelings and emotions.

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Shot Near Where I Live

Holland Lake, MT | Photo by: Scott Mathson

Holland Lake, MT — June 2017

Montana, you're damn purty!

Writing, musings, and digital journaling. Read

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