Bootstrapping a podcast smart links service

June Issue - Openly documenting my journey of bootstrapping and building an MVP for Plink, a podcast smart linking SaaS.

• 478 words

• By Scott Mathson

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I’m excited to be sharing an article that I recently published here on my website. Openly documenting my journey bootstrapping my new product Plink, a podcast smart linking service.

This article shares why I set out to make the service, the pain-points and problems Plink solves, and how the minimum viable product (MVP) has been continually validated.

Alongside insights into how I’m working to move beyond MVP stage now, into optimization stage with workflow and product automations, re-working onboarding, and self-serve support.

More than anything, I strive to empower Plink’s users, building product functionality so that they can create, update, or delete link data themselves. And I need to empower myself to spend less time on manual tasks.

Read the article here: SaaS Bootstrapping Journey - Moving from MVP into Automation & Optimization

As always, I’m continually inspired by other’s work, writing, and words. A Makerviews alum shared this quote which has been resonating with me ever since:

“Put yourself out there! Stop hiding behind your products.” — Anne-Laure Le Cunff on Makerviews Full interview

Makers to Follow

Here are a few folks that have been helpful in my starting, testing, and documenting of Plink, specifically:

Again, to more content and publishing on my corner of the web, and to connecting with you about yours!

What have you been working on lately? I’d love to hear!

-Scott Mathson,, @scottmathson on Twitter

PS - If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate of Plink (with a 35% commission on premium link subscription referrals), reach out to me.

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