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Feb. Issue - Discussing working in public, transparency, publishing to your websites, why social media is broken, and more.

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• By Scott Mathson

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This is the first issue of my Newsletter. It’s Scott Mathson - Maker. Web guy. SEO. Designer & Developer. Entrepreneur.

Since 2010, I’ve been designing, developing, optimizing, and marketing a variety of projects and properties on the web. Currently I work remotely for a global tech company and also run some side projects.

Having been and still being a part of website development, content publishing, distribution, and marketing for a variety of startups and content creators is amazing - I love it. My mark is out there and has been in front of millions of web visitors (woah, weird to actually write that out).

You’re on this Newsletter’s list after having signed up somewhere along the way. Be it through my personal site, Makerviews, woodworking plans, or another project.

As someone primarily working on websites behind-the-scenes, I’ve found myself doing just that: staying behind-the-scenes. I feel like I’ve been missing the opportunity in sharing on my own web properties.

Yeah, there’s the busyness excuse too, “I’m too busy actually doing to be documenting” and there’s anxiety and fear. But why have I not been documenting? There’s so much I’ve learned along the way and continue to learn daily.

Now, more than ever, I believe it’s important to really own and contribute to your corner of the web.

With algorithmically-driven social networks, where the goal is the scroll, distributing your content, relationship-building, and meaningful dialogue is tough. Mid-2017, inspired by Nick Offerman’s live stand-up, my wife and I both deleted the Facebook App off of our phones. Nick did a bit about why he is not on Facebook (he wants to see your actual face, not your Facebook posts). We both instantly related.

I’m not completely anti-social-media by any means and have actually grown quite fond of Twitter (and Instagram) since and have effectively adopted Twitter as my main social platform.

Nonetheless, looking forward, I’m making an effort to contribute more to my personal website and other corners of the web more often. I encourage you to do the same, too!

“Put yourself out there! Stop hiding behind your products.” — Anne-Laure Le Cunff on Makerviews Full interview

So, here’s to change!

This is my Newsletter championing our corners of the web, sharing blog articles and how-to’s with you, alongside posts and new projects from talented folks. From SEO and web development to SaaS, content marketing, podcasts, static sites, and beyond.

There’s no specific sending day/schedule, yet expect to hear from me at least monthly. The same goes for publication to my website.

I hope you’ll join in conversation, but if you want to unsubscribe (no hard feelings), here’s a link (not relevant on archive post). I’d love to hear back from you with what you’ve been creating lately! Reach out via email and/or on Twitter.

Follow These Makers

Expect to see links and round-ups of interesting articles and projects in the Newsletter. I’m consistently inspired by so many talented individuals whom I’ve come to know through work and side projects.

Here are a few in tech doing great work transparently:

To more emails, more transparency, publishing more content, and connecting with you via email! 🤘

-Scott Mathson,, @scottmathson on Twitter

PS - This newsletter is powered by email service Buttondown made by indie maker Justin Duke (Software Eng. at Stripe). Think of it as the new/better TinyLetter. Justin and I have been chatting and I’ll be interviewing him for Makerviews soon, as well.

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