Scott Mathson, Maker Photo credit: Zach Pottratz

Hey! My name's Scott Mathson, I'm a maker. A web guy. Optimizer (SEO). Designer & Developer. Entrepreneur.

A musician, songwriter, and audio engineer. Woodworker, small business owner—a maker!

I've been working in the digital/tech industry for quite a few years now, focusing on optimizing, designing, developing, managing, and marketing projects on the web.

Like many others, I first started publishing to the web with WordPress. That was back in 2007 and though technologies, tools, frameworks, and processes evolve, some things remain the same.

I've had a unique journey, experiencing and pursuing a lot already - I love it! I'm a creative-technical person, who has always strives towards becoming the best that I can be, at any given thing.

I happily call Missoula, MT home with my wife and our pets (furry children). This is my personal website and blog, a collection of personal musings, guitar lessons, and my digital journaling.

I own/operate a small, creative & development studio, among other side projects. Thanks for coming to my corner of the web!

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This website is intentionally built minimally, with the focus of usability and speed across multiple devices.

  • Hand-coded by yours truly, in Atom text editor, using an Atom theme I also developed: Crispy Realization syntax theme
  • Front-end CSS using my customized version of Tachyons framework
  • Hosted on GitHub - CDN, DNS, & SSL managed through CloudFlare
  • Blogging via Jekyll (with a few, added Ruby gems)
  • Light, flexible, and optimized - a static website, with some sprinkles of JavaScript, kept intentionally minimal

My side project and podcast:

Makerviews by Scott Mathson exists to share, inspire, and give access to a wide variety of makers and their chosen crafts.

Rooted in a deep love and appreciation of handmade, quality goods, I'm setting out to partner and collaborate with artisans and craftspeople, highlighting these makers through in-depth articles.

Check out Makerviews, my latest project!


Scott Mathson