Nick Offerman's set - retrospective

Takeaways from Offerman's set - make things and be yourself: a self that isn't an asshole.

By Scott Mathson, Web Guy • 378 words

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On the way home from the show, Michelle deleted the Facebook app from her phone. Once I was done driving and had gotten out of the car, I did the exact same.

When Nick did his bit about why he is not on Facebook (he wants to see your actual face, not your Facebook posts), we both instantly related. The timing was perfect, as my wife and I had just had this conversation, driving home from a road trip, earlier that same day.

Sometimes things just “click” more than they might during other times.

Nick Offerman’s comedy tour stop in Missoula, MT, deemed the “Full Bush” Tour, was more aligned with that of him being a motivational speaker.

Don’t get me wrong, though, everyone in the audience was bent over with laughter for the majority of the set, especially with that Montana-specific “attracter” pun (it involves a lonely farmer and a tractor).

I found myself walking away with more than remnants of laughter, though. I felt as though I had just wiped the glasses clean on a few spots, now seeing more clear.

I know that I can confidently say that I was not alone in this. It was so obvious, considering the resounding positivity and felt energy, post-show.

This isn’t speaking for everyone, though.

Some people left potentially appalled, surprised, or generally put-off.

Any others that did not agree with Offerman’s sentiments and world views, had either already left or ducked out while the standing ovation and subsequent call for his return took place.

To those that did not have this same experience: you now know that Nick is, in fact, not Ron Swanson!

Nick Offerman is, in fact:

My 4 biggest takeaways:

Be prepared.

Make (things) some cookies!


Don’t be an asshole.

Reminder: Nick Offerman is not Ron Swanson.