Men doing Yoga?

Becoming convinced that it’s right for me.

By Scott Mathson, Web Guy • 247 words

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This article (quoted below), combined with me hearing from a few different people that yoga would be very beneficial to me, has pretty much convinced me to take my first steps into the practice.

First impressions are everything and my first impressions of yoga have been amazing. For anyone that’s looking to better their physical well-being, alongside their emotional well-being simultaneously, this is it.

“Most men see yoga as “glorified stretching” with no strength or cardio involved. They are hesitant to walk into a yoga room because they either feel they won’t benefit from it, or they don’t really understand what yoga is all about. Yet yoga is very much a physical exercise and quite strenuous – the modern man would absolutely find a wide range of benefits from yoga.

Many yoga poses are held for a series of breaths which allow the muscles to lengthen and strengthen simultaneously. Yoga works on the muscle fiber which allows the muscles to grow toward the cellular level as the cells are enlarged.

When you combine weightlifting with yoga, the normally ignored sections of muscles are activated.”

—’10 Great Yoga Poses for the Male Body’ from

I’ve been taking small steps into improving my physical and mental well-being. It’s a great practice to improve body + mind + soul balance. To bring yourself into the moment, mindfulness.

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From what I’ve experienced thus far, I’m convinced.

*ends journal writing, starts yoga