35mm Film Photography: First Attempt

Originally posted on an outdoor adventure blog I ran.

By Scott Mathson, Web Guy • 417 words

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Another article from an older, online publication that I ran. I wanted to keep this article published and unaltered/unedited from the original, as it represents a time in my life. Enjoy my amateur photography.

About a week ago, I grabbed my then girlfriend’s (now wife) film camera and decided I was going to bring that along on a grouse hunt. Well, I was so fascinated by capturing moments in nature on that old 35mm film camera, that the hunt quickly turned into a photography session in the Lolo National Forest. I learned one big thing flipping through the images after they were done being developed: that I need to practice more, figure out how to correctly focus, and learn more about using the F-stop and Shutter speeds. Oh! I might want to attach a flash next time I go out at dusk too.

Needless to say, I am happy with how a couple of the photos that I took turned out. I wanted to share those with you on here. This technically could be considered a part 2 or extension of my “A Bridge to be Admired” (archived post) post since the photos were taken that same day.

I am truly having fun in the nature of Montana and love sharing that with you readers here on (my old website)! Thanks for checking out my posts and consistently liking and giving me feedback. I am going to start bringing this film camera out more on my outings and capture moments with that rather then the iPhoneography method that I’ve been using up until this point.

I hope this beautiful autumn season is treating everyone fine and that you find yourselves basking in its offerings. I know that for me personally, I am going to most-importantly focus on getting outside more than I have been! Life is going really swell and I am working two, flexible jobs that allow me more time to enjoy life and not be stuck wasting my time in long traffic commutes.

I feel that happiness is very important and that it can be overseen at times. So get out there, enjoy life and your time on this earth, and venture on! Cheers.